YouLook | Rediscover Television

Jan 25, 2021
YouLook | Rediscover Television

YouLook is a digital video on demand service, free of charge to its users, and supported by advertising (in TV-speak, we’re what is known as an ‘AVOD’ Service). YouLook is also a content studio and producer; from original and brand-funded content to distribution and monetisation of video across a variety of platforms. YouLook is the UK’s first independent AVOD service, aiming to appeal to a wide range of different audience groups and enthusiasts. They curate the content they acquire (or produce) into specially-themed groupings, where viewers can explore, and ‘look’ for something that’s just right. YouLook was founded in 2020 in the UK with plans to expand internationally however YouLook will always have a British sensibility (and sense of humour)!

YouLook , Powered by Mangomolo Technology just launched as an OTT Website with Mobile and Smart TV Apps coming soon!

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