Our flagship product and the most innovative Live Streaming and Video on Demand platform built to date. Automate the entire Video Delivery Process and enjoy real time viewership analytics with in depth profiling (Age, Gender, Social Status), Cloud Video Chaptering, Social Content Synchronization and Virality tracking, Social Monitoring, and other exciting features that push the bar of innovation in the Video and Content Delivery Industry.

Our platform is trusted with more than 400,000 Videos, and more than 30,000,000 Viewers on a daily basis.


Your full Video Editing solution in the cloud with automatic commercial detection and removal and trimming, cropping, watermarking, merging at the speed of light without any software downloads required, it all works in your browser and connects to your Mangomolo video library.

Enhance your Audiences' experience with our Mangosocial component allowing them to connect , engage, and interact with your content while building traffic to your website.

Our Mangoplus solution allows you to generate a full Video on Demand portal with just one Click. Works on Desktops, Tablets, and Mobiles with Native Applications fully white labeled with your custom brand guidelines, colors, and logo. Platforms Supported: Responsive Website (Desktop , Tablet, Mobile View) , iOS App (iPhone/iPad), Android App (Mobile/Tablet Friendly), Google TV App, Apple TV App, Chrome Cast, Samsung Smart TV.


A Social Newsfeed aggregating all Social Content with your hashtag and allows the addition of User Generated Content To your Platform so users can upload their photos, videos. MangoHub is the perfect module when you want to allow your users to engage with your platform and upload their own content. The module also connects to different social platforms for easier Sign Up, Sharing, Commenting, etc...

Engage is our Social Distribution Module that allows you to distribute your content over different social networks. Push your Live Stream to Facebook or YouTube, Spread your video content on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Aggregate all the engagement and viewership metrics from different social networks and analyze virality all from one platform. Our Engage Module facilitates the entire social marketing and distribution process allowing you to do everything from one place.

Our award winning speech recognition engine allowing you to transcribe all your videos into indexed text with machine translation for subtitling and on the fly subtitling. Add subtitles to your live stream or OnDemand content in different languages and allow users to search within the actual video content. Mangospeech relies on Artificial Intelligence, NLP, and Deep Learning Methodologies to deliver Next Level Speech Recognition Capabilities.

MangoUploader is a Desktop Application built for Windows, Mac, and Linux allowing users to login with their Mangomolo account and upload unlimited amounts of content in the background by simply dragging them and dropping them into the application. The tool features automatic video conversion, multiple uploads, and adaptive packet transfer.

Our Cloud Playout Module that allows any publisher to launch a full linear channel directly from the Mangomolo Platform. Drag and drop content on your timeline, add graphics and overlays, schedule live ingests, and one simple click to launch your full 24/7 linear channel that can be distributed to STBs, Smart Phones, Satellites, and any Device.


This module allows you to view a 24 / 48 hour recording of your live feed and mark in / mark out and generate a clip based on your live feed.

Clips can then be further edited and modified and shared to your Mangomolo Library or to Social Media Platforms.

The clipper also includes a video editing tool with the capability of adding image / text/ audio overlays and a crop module to crop videos in different formats for social media distribution.

MangoBilling CRM and Payment Gateways

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MangoBilling CRM and Payment Gateways

Our MangoBilling CRM Module allows you to create Enterprise Monetization Business Models within your OTT platform and Manage all your subscriber and Billing data including financial reporting from one place. Some of the Features of our MangoBilling CRM Module are listed below:

  • All your business rules in one place
  • Supports AVOD /SVOD/ TVOD
  • Supports Daily/Weekly/Monthly Billing Models
    • Can include Dynamic Billing (Bill per hour, Bill Per Exclusive Content Releases or Avant Premiere Viewing)
  • Payment Gateway Integration
    • Traditional Payment Gateways
      • Credit Cards
      • Paypal
      • Bank Transfers
      • etc..
    • TPAY (Mobile Payment Operator)
    • Any 3rd Party Billing Platform
      • Supports VPN Integrations as well
    • Carrier Billing through SMS and SDP Integration
    • In-App Purchases with Recurrent Payments or Ad-hoc Purchase(s) (Appstore - Playstore Payments)
    • Coupons / Vouchers
  • Subscriber Management
    • Subscriber CRM
    • Payment and Billing Management
    • Profile Management
    • Subscriber Reporting
      • Demographic Reporting
      • Churn Rate
      • Payment Reports
      • Content Consumption Reports
      • Coupon / Voucher / POS Reports
      • etc

MangoPlayer - The most Powerful Video Player Customizable for your Brand

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MangoPlayer - The most Powerful Video Player Customizable for your Brand

MangoPlayer is our award winning video player that provides Customers with a completely customizable interface and accelerated delivery performance.

Our player also comes with advanced features some of which are mentioned below:

  • Resume Playback
  • Offline Viewership
  • Automatic Episode Forwarding
  • Casting through Airplay , Chromecast, and Deeplinking
  • Social Sharing
  • Thumbnails
  • Playback Speed Control
  • Subtitling
  • Multiple Audio and Subtitle Tracks
  • Skip Intro Feature
  • Configurable Bitrate Distribution based on Device or Subscription Parameters / Entitlements
  • Episode Browsing through the Player
  • DRM Capable
  • Player Analytics 
  • Native Player Implementation for Different Apps
  • AD Capable (VAST, IMA, SSAI, etc)
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