FAST Channels, Here is what you need to know

Sep 30, 2022
FAST Channels, Here is what you need to know

The hot topic of IBC this year was all about FAST Channels, at Mangomolo we have been supporting FAST for the last 3 years!

FAST or Free Ad-Supported TV Channels are Linear Channels curated from a predefined playlist of VOD Content basically focusing on a Specific Content Category Genre or Demographic Target such as Drama, Entertainment, Action, Comedy, Khaleeji, etc...

At Mangomolo, we have launched in 2019 the first Cloud Playout Module in the world allowing broadcasters and publishers to construct their VOD Playlists and Launch Linear Channels that could be Monetized through Server Side Ad Insertion or included within Subscription or Transactional Bundles.

Our commitment from day one was to innovate and reinvent the way traditional workflows are created and hence we recently launched an automatic playlist curation module within our FAST Offering where Mangomolo can automatically build content playlists for you based on different parametrized meta data and viewership dimensions.

Launching your FAST Channels has never been easier, Contact Us to schedule a live demo and start Launching your FAST Channels.


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